Title:  Strange Weather
Category:  Feature
Length:  91 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Katherine Dieckmann
Year:  2016
Country:  USA

Armory - Sun 12:00 pm (4/9)
Katherine Dieckmannís latest film is about what to give up and what to keep close as you recover from grief. Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter stars as a woman traveling with her best friend though the deep South as she tries to come to terms with the suicide of her son. Hunterís powerhouse performance as Darcy Baylor, fiercely intelligent and radiant in its complexity, anchors this lyrical drama shot through with regional realism. Strange Weather takes an unforgettable female protagonist and stitches her characterís fateful journey to an iconic landscape like thread to cloth. 

Starring: Holly Hunter, Kim Coates, Carrie Coon, Glenne Headly 

Directorís Statement: Katherine Dieckmann 

I set out to write a female character in midlife who rarely inhabits the screen: turbulent, inquisitive, unconventional. I wanted to explore the dynamics of loss and how managing grief offers no one moment of closure, no singular solution. That idea gave the script its dynamic, eddying shape. A journey traveling deep into the south with a best friend, hell-bent for justice that may or may not be attained, felt like the best narrative way to propel my ideas. Throughout, the mandate was to be fully human and avoid sentimentality at all costs.
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