Title:  Swim
Category:  Shorts
Length:  12 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Mari Walker
Year:  2016
Country:  USA

Varsity 2 - Fri 3:20 pm (4/7)
Varsity 2 - Sat 6:20 pm (4/8)
Varsity 2 - Sun 12:20 pm (4/9)

Oregon Premiere

As summer draws to a close, a young trans girl finds freedom in a secret midnight swim. 

Directorís Statement: Mari Walker 

Growing up trans is a life of stolen moments where many simple pleasures take on heavier significance. I loved swimming as a child, but as my body continued to alienate itself from my mind, wearing a male swimsuit left me feeling exposed and insecure. Then one summer, I took my motherís swimsuit and went on a secret midnight swim. Years later, when I found myself telling this story, I had the tremendous honor of working with some incredibly talented artists. I wanted to celebrate something so simple which can signify so much freedom.

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