Title:  Dark Money
Category:  Documentary Feature
Length:  98 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Kimberly Reed
Year:  2018
Country:  USA

Varsity 2 - Thu 3:20 PM (4/12)
Varsity 2 - Fri 09:50 AM (4/13)
Varsity 2 - Sat 9:20 PM (4/14)
Varsity 2 - Mon 12:20 PM (4/16)

Oregon Premiere

Over a century ago, Montanans voted to prohibit corporate campaign contributions, but today, they are once again fighting to preserve open and honest elections. Why? Because the U.S. Supreme Courtís Citizens United decision has allowed unlimited, anonymous money to pour into elections big and small. Dark Money follows intrepid investigative reporter John Adams as he uncovers a trail of corporate money that attacks candidates from all sides of the political spectrum. Chasing a maddeningly elusive corruption case, his work and the work of a few dedicated legislators helps bring about a momentarily optimistic verdict. Montana continues to fight Citizenís United, but the threat to American democracy is still very dark indeed. 
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