Title:  The New Year Parade
Category:  Features
Length:  90 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Tom Quinn
Year:  2007
Country:  U.S.A.

Varsity 5 - Fri 3:30 pm (4/4)
Varsity 5 - Sat 10:00 am (4/5)
Varsity 5 - Sun 9:30 pm (4/6)
Varsity 5 - Mon 10:00 am (4/7)

When Mike and Lisa separate, their children suffer quietly, and struggle with their own identities and relationships. Sixteen-year-old Kat believes her parents will reconcile and keeps the situation secret. As months pass and tensions mount, she becomes isolated between family and friends with no one to confide in. Meanwhile, their older son Jack is forced to mediate between his parents and carry the family finances.

While his mom avoids confrontation, their dad is consumed with leading his string band to victory in Philadelphia's annual Mummer's Parade. A band member himself, Jack questions his loyalty to his father, as his parents' actions wear on his own budding relationship with his girlfriend. The New Year Parade is a unique first film that mixes actors and non-actors, documentary footage and fiction, in an intimate and honest look at how divorce affects young people and all the relationships it touches. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize, Slamdance Film Festival. [language]

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