Title:  Out in India: A Family's Journey
Category:  Documentaries
Length:  70 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Tom Keegan
Year:  2007
Country:  U.S.A.

Varsity 2 - Thu 6:20 pm (4/3)
Varsity 2 - Fri 12:20 pm (4/4)

This intimate film follows gay partners David Gere, Peter Carley, and their two children as they leave their comfortable lives in Los Angeles for nine months in India fighting AIDS. Their weapon: painters, puppeteers, and performers of every kind. While David travels around India recruiting artists for what he hopes will become a political movement, Peter feels increasingly alone and vulnerable taking care of their children.

This deeply personal story examines both David's and Peter's differing perspectives during their "activist adventure" as their relationship is pushed to the breaking point in the crucible of India's marriage-centric society. The film explores the costs and joys of the couple's global activism, set on the brilliantly colored stage of 21st century India as they strive to "Make Art/Stop AIDS." [adult content, subtitles]


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