Title:  The Adults in the Room
Category:  Documentary
Length:  80 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Andy Blubaugh
Year:  2009
Country:  USA

Varsity 5 - Thu 3:30 pm (4/8)
Varsity 5 - Fri 9:30 pm (4/9)
Varsity 5 - Sat 6:30 pm (4/10)
Varsity 5 - Sun 12:30 pm (4/11)
Varsity 5 - Mon 10:00 am (4/12)

In 1995, filmmaker Andy Blubaugh- then a curious and lonely fifteen-year-old- began a sexual relationship with Peter, a successful, deeply closeted man who was nearly twice his age. In 2008, Andy revisited this complex relationship in a narrative script, the writing and production of which brought him back in contact with Peter, providing him with the opportunity to examine how their lives had changed in the thirteen years since they met. These two storylines- the past relayed through scripted narrative, and the present through verité documentary- inform and support each other. However, this is not a documentary with "re-enactments," in the traditional sense; the narrative functions as a story on its own- an exploration of a doomed love affair. Meanwhile, the documentary that weaves itself around these poignant vignettes documents a different story arc entirely, as the filmmaker revisits his past as a thirty year old man- now the age that Peter was when their affair began. [adult content] 
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