Title:  Karaoke!
Category:  Shorts
Length:  12 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Andrew F. Renzi
Year:  2012
Country:  USA

Varsity 4 - Thu 6:10 PM (4/4)
Varsity 4 - Fri 9:40 AM (4/5)
Varsity 4 - Sat 9:10 PM (4/6)
Varsity 4 - Sun 9:10 PM (4/7)
Varsity 4 - Mon 6:10 PM (4/8)

On a fun night out with his friends at a karaoke bar in New York City, Chris hides from his problems. As the night goes on, we realize that Chris has been getting, and ignoring, multiple phone calls. The next day, his girlfriend decides to answer his phone, and he is no longer able to avoid the situation he must confront.
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