Title:  Gideon's Army
Category:  Documentary
Length:  96 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Dawn Porter
Year:  2013
Country:  USA

Varsity 1 - Sat 6:00 PM (4/6)
Varsity 1 - Sun 9:30 AM (4/7)

Brandy Alexander, June Hardwick, and Travis Williams, three young public defenders who are part of a small group of idealistic lawyers in the Deep South, are challenging the assumptions of a criminal justice system strained to the breaking point. With support from their charismatic mentor Jonathan Rapping, who heads the Southern Public Defender Training Center, they struggle against long hours, low pay, and caseloads so staggering that even the most committed often give up in their first year. Fifty years after the landmark Supreme Court ruling Gideon v. Wainwright established the right to counsel, can these courageous lawyers revolutionize the way America thinks about public defenders and make “justice for all” a reality?
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