Title:  FLO
Category:  Documentary
Length:  10 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Riley Hooper
Year:  2012
Country:  USA

Varsity 2 - Thu 9:20 PM (4/4)
Varsity 2 - Fri 6:20 PM (4/5)
Varsity 2 - Sat 12:20 PM (4/6)
Varsity 2 - Mon 9:50 AM (4/8)
Varsity 3 - Mon 10:10 AM (4/8)

Photographer Flo Fox has been documenting the streets of New York City since the 1970s. Now in her sixties and battling multiple sclerosis, lung cancer, and visual impairment, Flo still maintains her feisty spirit and sense of humor. No longer able to hold a camera, she instructs her attendants how to take photos for her. As a hot, young “chick,” she never minded using her looks to get what she wanted; these days she leverages her disability.
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