Title:  The Secret of Trees
Category:  Documentary
Length:  3 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Albert Maysles
Year:  2012
Country:  USA

Ashland Street Cinema - Sat 10:10 AM (4/6)
Ashland Street Cinema - Sat 12:40 PM (4/6)
Ashland Street Cinema - Sat 3:40 PM (4/6)
Ashland Street Cinema - Sun 12:40 PM (4/7)
Ashland Street Cinema - Sun 3:40 PM (4/7)

What do trees know that we donít? Thirteen-year-old inventor Aidan realized that trees use a mathematical formula ó the Fibonacci Sequence ó to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Then he wondered why we donít collect solar energy in the same way.
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