Title:  Ivory Tower
Category:  Documentary
Length:  95 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Andrew Rossi
Year:  2013
Country:  USA

Armory - Sun 12:00 pm (4/6)
From the director of the Emmy®–nominated Page One: Inside the New York Times comes a documentary about the exploding cost of a college education in the US today.
Tuition has skyrocketed. Hidden program fees and the prices of books and materials have run amok. Crushing student debt weighs graduates down for years, even decades. Higher education institutions have moved away from an emphasis on classroom content and enrollment for all, regardless of income, to a big business model of campus expansion and construction. Through interviews with leading educational thinkers, Ivory Tower asks the question — is college still worth it? — and crisscrosses the country searching for alternative forms of cost-effective learning.
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