Title:  Mistaken for Strangers
Category:  Documentary
Length:  75 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Tom Berninger
Year:  2013
Country:  USA

Armory - Sat 9:00 pm (4/5)
Hailed by Michael Moore as ďone of the best documentaries about a band that Iíve ever seen,Ē Mistaken for Strangers is an unusual and moving film about two brothers, Matt and Tom Berninger. Matt, the lead singer of the acclaimed indie rock band The National, finally finds himself flush with success on the eve of the bandís biggest international tour to date. In contrast, his younger brother, Tom, is a loveable slacker, metalhead, and under-employed filmmaker still living with his parents in Cincinnati. When Matt brings Tom on tour as a roadie, Tom secretly decides to film the entire adventure. What starts out as a rock documentary soon becomes something more: a loving, hilarious, and maddening portrait of brothers and creativity. [mature]
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