Title:  Spacebound
Category:  Short Film
Length:  3 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Ellen Su & Kyle Moy
Year:  2013
Country:  USA

Ashland Street Cinema - Fri 10:10 am (4/4)
Ashland Street Cinema - Fri 12:40 pm (4/4)
Ashland Street Cinema - Sat 12:40 pm (4/5)
Ashland Street Cinema - Sun 12:40 pm (4/6)

A young astronaut is stranded in space and running out of oxygen. His only companion is his best friend, an excited dog who’s ready to play. The boy feels depressed as he waits for the inevitable, but his enthusiastic canine friend is unaware of their fate. When he takes off on a trail of space rocks, the boy hesitantly follows. Dog and boy embark on one last amazing adventure through the beauty and wonder of space.
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