Title:  Subconscious Password
Category:  Short Film
Length:  11 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Chris Landreth
Year:  2013
Country:  Canada

Varsity 3 - Thu 12:40 pm (4/3)
Varsity 3 - Sun 9:40 pm (4/6)
Varsity 3 - Mon 12:40 pm (4/7)

Academy Award®–winning director/animator Chris Landreth (Ryan, AIFF06) plays Charles, a man paralyzed by his inability to remember a friend’s name. From the moment he’s greeted by...what’s his name...in a crowded bar, we are transported into his subconscious, for a mind-bending animated romp. Borrowing from the classic TV game show Password, the film features a wealth of celebrity guests offering ridiculous clues, only adding to his ever-increasing panic.
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