Title:  Mission Blue
Category:  Documentary
Length:  96 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Robert Nixon & Fisher Stevens
Year:  2014
Country:  USA, Bermuda & Ecuador

Armory - Sat 9:30 am (4/5)
Legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle is on a personal mission to save the ocean. It has been overfished to the point of collapse, used as a massive dumping ground, and drilled thousands of feet down for oil, regardless of the environmental risks. It’s a model that can no longer be sustained. Having logged over 7,000 hours in more than 70 expeditions underwater, Sylvia Earle is uniquely qualified to help us understand why. The film is part oceanic road trip, part biography, part action-adventure story. Featuring  stunning cinematography and filmed in locations around the world, Mission Blue traces Sylvia’s remarkable personal journey, from her earliest memories exploring the ocean as a young girl to her days leading a daring undersea mission in the Virgin Islands and beyond. The film deftly weaves her unique personal history with the passion that consumes her today: creating a global parks system for the ocean that she calls “Hope Spots.”

Followed by a Q&A with the film's screenwriter, and AIFF14 Rogue Award Honoree, Mark Monroe.
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