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The Dogwalker

Filmmaker: Jacques Thelemaque
Genre: Feature Film/Drama

Running time: 99 minutes

Life on the edge for two women: one abused, attacked, and out of options, and the other who has carved out a hiding place from the world by taking a job as a dog walker. They begin a rocky friendship of disillusionment and hard lessons in an uncompromising view of a difficult road back for people with few resources. Best First Film at 2003 San Jose Film Festival. [Violence, Adult Language, Nudity]

Interview with Jacques Thelemaque
Q. What inspired you to make this film?
A. I wanted to make a small personal film with my wife, who, besides being an incredible actress, was a dogwalker. It was her suggestion to build a story around that world, which we both felt would make a great backdrop and metaphor for the issues I wanted to explore.

Q. What would you like the audience to know?

  1. It was made through our amazing collective, filmmakers alliance.
  2. It was still really, really, really, really hard, but really, really, really, really, really worth every penny and every ounce of heartache.
  3. Filmmaking is more about passion, ideas and imagination and less about money and technology.
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