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The Failures

Filmmaker: Tim Hunter
Genre: Feature Film/Drama - Comedy

Running time: 87 minutes

"What's that on your face?" (She rubs the ink on her cheek) "Oh, I fell asleep on your suicide note." So begins an odd coupling of two slackers who stand up for the idealism of suicide. With odd twists and comic family conflicts, it brings iconoclastic freshness to an America where the search for meaning is so elusive. [Adult content, language, and violence]

Interview with Tim Hunter
Q. What inspired you to make this film?
A. We all loved the script. It was the first for USC Cinema graduate Hal Haberman. Tim Hunter signed on because he felt it was one of the better scripts he had read in a long time. We had met Hal through the IFP Los Angeles and decided almost immediately that we wanted to make the project. It's a wonderful story that uses "tongue in cheek" humor to deal with difficult issues rather than preaching. A very welcome change to the average film for young adults and teens.

Q. What would you like the audience to know?
It was sort of a miracle that it all came together and was made. We had very little time to prep the film and almost no money for a film with many locations, a car chase, child actors and a dog! According to the DGA it is one of the smallest budget feature films made under one of their contracts in recent memory. Also, the project was shot on HD. There are still many interesting challenges for this format. It will probably be the most prominent shooting method in the not too distant future, yet it is in a difficult transition stage right now.

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