February 2017, MovieMaker Magazine
The Joys of the Regional Festival: Why You Should Attend Small Festivals (And How to Pick Out the Great Ones)

February 2017, Rogue Valley Messenger

February 2017, Daily Tidings
A year in nature

February 2017, LocalsGuide
​​Richard Herskowitz – Ashland Independent Film Festival

January 2017, LocalsGuide
​Steven Remington – Ashland Independent Film Festival

December 2016, Rogue Valley Messenger
A holistic student experience: Ashland Independent Film Festival’s LAUNCH student film competition

December 2016, Daily Tidings
AIFF kicks off its student film competition

December 2016, KDRV
​AIFF Offers Winter Break Activity for Bored Kids: Make a Film

December 2016, Ashland Chamber of Commerce
The Ashland Independent Film Festival seeking volunteers!

November 2016, KOBI-TV 
Five on 5, Steven Remington, Executive Director, Ashland Independent Film Festival

November 2016, KDRV
AIFF Recognized As 1 of the 'Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World'

November 2016,
Ashland Independent Film Festival 2017

November 2016, Daily Tidings
AIFF alum returns for benefit screening of 'Seed'

October 2016, Ashland Chamber of Commerce
AIFF Alum Returns for Benefit Screening of SEED: The Untold Story

October 2016, University Film & Video Association
Ashland Independent Film Festival Call for Entries

October 2016, Rogue Valley Messenger
 Taking the Reins: The Ashland Independent Film Festival Hires a New Executive Director

October 2016, Daily Tidings
Ashland film and literary festivals share stories

October 2016, KDRV

AIFF'S Benefit Screening of Author: The JT LeRoy Story ​

September 2016, Daily Tidings
Travel around the world on Main Street

September 2016, KDRV
AIFF "Friend-Raiser" Friday Night

August 2016, KDRV
Ashland Native Returns for Opening of His New Movie 

April 2016, Oregon Confluence
AIFF Announces 2016 Award Winners 

April 2016, Daily Tidings
Female film majority at AIFF was 'happy accident'

April 2016, VIMOOZ
Hometown Film “Bastards y Diablos” Wins Best Film at Ashland Independent Film Festival

April 2016, The Northern Echo
Teesdale sheep farming documentary hits America

April 2016, KOBI
Film with Rogue Valley ties wins big at Ashland Independent Film Festival

April 2016, Daily Tidings
Audience, jurors pick 'Bastards y Diablos' for Best Feature at Ashland Independent Film Festival

April 2016, KTVL
Virtual reality comes to the Ashland Independent Film Festival

April 2016, KDRV
Southern Oregon Sees Boom in Tourism from Local Festivals & Markets

April 2016, KDRV
Women in Film Panel Spark Discussion at AIFF

April 2016, Daily Tidings
Ashland Independent Film Festival Opening Bash

April 2016, JPR
"Bastards y Diablos" Shows At AIFF

April 2016, KTVL
Ashland Film Festival opens, goes beyond traditional movie experience

April 2016, KOBI
Rogue Valley filmmaker featured in Ashland Independent Film Festival

April 2016, Daily Tidings
Ashland film festival offers movies for kids, teens

April 2016, Mail Tribune
Big themes emerge from tiny puppets in Laura Heit's work

April 2016, JPR
"Bastards y Diablos" Shows At AIFF

April 2016, Media Inc.

April 2016, KOBI
Richard Herskowitz – Director of Programming, AIFF

April 2016, KDRV
​​Ashland Independent Film Festival Just 2 Days Away

April 2016, Ashland Daily Tidings
Cast of 370 volunteers make fest possible

April 2016, KDRV
Organizers Prepare for 2016 Ashland Independent Film Festival 

April 2016, Rogue Valley Messenger
Get Out to Ashland Film Festival

March 2016, KTVL News10
More business in Ashland from film festival

March 2016, Jefferson Public Radio
...A Theatre Near You: Ashland Film Fest Approaches

March 2016, Rogue Valley Messenger
Rogue Valley on Film: Locals only at AIFF

March 2016, Filmmaker's Magazine
Ashland Independent Film Festival Unveils Lineup for 15th Anniversary

March 2016, Medford Mail Tribune
North Medford Grad Takes Film to Two Festivals

March 2016, KDRV
​​AIFF'S 2016 Preview Event

March 2016, KDRV
Out & About: AIFF's Preview Event, Blue Zones Project, Scene Showcase

March 2016, Medford Mail Tribune
AIFF announces local films for this year's festival

March 2016, Jefferson Public Radio
Declaring Independents: Ashland Independent Film Festival Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary​

March 2016, Alaska Airlines Beyond Magazine
Independent Days

February 2016, KDRV Newswatch 12
AIFF's Executive Director Discusses the Oscars​

February 2016, Daily Tidings
AIFF to host Q&A at AMS

February 2016, KOBI-TV 5
Student film competition winners hope to inspire others​

February 2016, KDRV Newswatch 12
Winning Student Films Announced by Ashland Independent Film Festival​

February 2016, Medford Mail Tribune
Ashland Independent Film Festival announces Juice Award winner​

January 2016, KOBI-TV,
Richard Herskowitz, AIFF director of programming, guest stars on 5 on 5

January 2016, Caminos Magazine,
Lanza tu historia y veras tu historia tomar vuelo

December 2015, Daily Tidings,
Illustrious Company - AIFF joined prestigious groups like the Sundance Institute and Telluride Film Festival in Earning a National Endowment for the Arts grant

December 2015, Daily Tidings,​
Our View: Hidden no longer

November 2015, Daily Tidings,
AIFF offers $500 prize for student film

October 2015, Ashland Daily Tidings,
Ashland Runs on Volunteers: Volunteers passionate about films make Ashland film festival possible

September 2015, Ashland Daily Tidings,
New Ashland Independent Film Festival Director of Programming wants to incorporate live performances

September 2015, Channel 12 KDRV-TV,
Ashland Independent Film Festival Director of Programming Visits Toronto

September 2015, Daily Tidings,
Ashland Independent Film Festival announces Varsity World Film Week

August 2015, City Club of Eugene, KLCC Public Radio,
AIFF Director of Programming joins discussion, "Forecasting the Future of Independent Film"

July 2015, Ashland Daily Tidings,
New Program Director Excited to Join Film Festival Team

July 2015, Washington Tasting Room Magazine,
Oregon Winemakers and Film Lovers Pair Up to Support Film Festival

April 2015, MovieMaker Magazine,
AIFF One of 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee

April 2015, Ashland Daily Tidings,
Film Fest is the Best

January 2015, MovieMaker Magazine,
Ashland Tops the list of Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2015

November 2013, MovieMaker Magazine,
Top 25 Coolest Festivals in the World

November 2013, AIFF Press Release,
AIFF Receives Grassroots Grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust 
November 2013, The Siskiyou,
2014 Ashland Independent Film Festival Looking for Volunteers
September 2013, Rogue Valley Messenger,
Varsity World Film Week is Just Around the Corner
July 2013, Broadway World,
Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Daedalus Project to Launch New Film Fest, 8/16-18

April 2013, OregonLive,
Ashland's film festival: like Sundance, only warmer

April 2013, Ashland Daily Tidings,
Film Festival Boosts Businesses

April 2013, Mail Tribune,
Top feature awarded to 'Forgotten Kingdom'

April 2013, KOBI5-NBC,
The 12th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival

March 2013, OPB,
An Inside Look at Food

March 2013, Mail Tribune,
Documentary Turns Girl’s Life Around

May 2012: Travel Southern Oregon Blog,
11th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF) 

May 2012: Smithsonian, 
The 20 Best Small Towns in America (Ashland is #18 w/ mention of AIFF)

April 16, 2012: toh! Thompson on Hollywood, 
AIFF: From Taymor and Kashmor to the Kennedys

April 16, 2012: Medford Mail Tribune,
 'ETHEL' and 'Gayby' capture honors Sunday

April 14, 2012: Medford Mail Tribune, 
Director Taymor gives a glimpse of her creative process

April 10, 2012: Medford Mail Tribune, 
Documentary filmmaker speaks on prejudice, shows his film

April 5, 2012: Ashland Daily Tidings, 
Screen gems at AIFF  

Spring 2012: Travel Medford,
Arts & Culture

February 25, 2012: Ashland Daily Tidings, 
Bringing the world to Ashland

February 25, 2012: Ashland Daily Tidings, 
Julie Taymor to receive AIFF award

March 21, 2012: Oregon, 
Oregon's April film festival shoot up fresh blooms...

March 14, 2012: Medford Mail Tribune, 
Taymor to be honored at festival 

November 23, 2011: Medford Mail Tribune, 
AIFF lands grant

November 2011: AIFF Blog, 
Festival art unveiling  

December 01, 2010: Medford Mail Tribune,
Grant enriches Ashland film festival

April 13, 2010: The Oregonian,
"Pound for pound this is the best film festival that Oregon offers."

April 5, 2010: The Oregonian,
All eyes on Ashland: readying for one of Oregon's best fests

April 02, 2010, Medford Mail Tribune,
The Ashland Independent Film Festival

April 10, 2010: Medford Mail Tribune,
'Dangerous' pursuit rewarding for director

April 04, 2010: Ashland Daily Tidings,
There's a lot worth seeing at Ashland film festival

April 08, 2010: Ashland Daily Tidings,
Iconic tattoo artist will appear at AIFF

April 01, 2010: Ashland Daily Tidings,
Ashland Independent Film Festival 2010

April 08, 2010: Ashland Daily Tidings,
Green theme on screen

Spring 2010: Documentary Magazine,
When Film Festivals Meet Web 2.0

Spring 2009: MovieMaker Magazine,
25 Festivals Worth the Fee


Taking the Reins: The Ashland Independent Film Festival Hires a New Executive Director
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