Launch Winners - 2014

2014 Launch Regional Student Film Competition Winners


Launch Grades K-5 Winner

The Elf and the Wizard (2 minutes)

Jordan Kemper, Helman Elementary, Ashland, OR - AIFF14 Launch K-5 Winner -- An elf and a wizard make friends in a shop.



Launch Grades 6-8 Winner

Compassion (1 minutes)

Emmanuel Senter, Ashland Middle School, Ashland, OR - AIFF14 Launch 6-8 winner -- A film about empathy and compassion.


Launch Grades 9-12 Winner             

The Human Puppet (2 minutes)

Ireland Barber & Johanna Thurman, Crater High School, Central Point, OR - AIFF14 Launch High School Winner -- A girl frees herself from the strings that bind her.

Music: "Dew in the Grass" by Sea Wolf


Launch College Winner

What We Were Gonna Do (5 minutes)

Mandy Valencia, SOU, Ashland, OR - AIFF14 Launch College Winner -- A story about a dream once shared by a group of paratroopers during the Vietnam War.


Launch Grades K-5 Honorable Mention

Magic Shop (1 minutes)

Julie Corey & Thea Meyer, Walker Elementary, Ashland, OR - AIFF14 Launch K-5 Honorable Mention -- A magical shop gets ready for customers.

Launch Grades 6-8 Honorable Mention

Secret Agent Jill (2 minutes)

Jillian Luttrull, Ashland Middle School, Ashland, OR - AIFF14 Launch Grades 6-8 Honorable Mention -- Secret Agent Jill is on the case.

Launch Grades 9-12 Honorable Mention

Stranded (3 minutes)

Nathanael Lathrop, Golden Eagle Charter School, Mt. Shasta, CA - AIFF14 Launch Grades 9-12 Honorable Mention -- A tale of four stranded people on an island.

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