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Armory Friday, April 04, 2014 - 09:30 am  add this block to your calendar  buy tickets
That Wasn't Me
Short Film
20 minutes
Director(s): Esteban Crespo
European doctors find themselves at the mercy of rebels in an undisclosed African country where young boys are turned into soldiers and forced to commit atrocities. The boys must either adapt or be killed, but later must learn to live with the memories of what they have done. A bittersweet tale of redemption in the face of blind rage and fear that reminds us of how the boundaries of humanity can be strained and irreparably broken.
Karama Has No Walls
Short Documentary
26 minutes
Director(s): Sara Ishaq
United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom,Yemen
Meet 65-year-old artist Ra Paulette who, with shovel and pickaxe, sculpts amazing, cathedral-like art caves out of sandstone found only in the cliffs of New Mexico. Driven by his unique artistic vision, he is often frustrated with unappreciative patrons, poverty, and his aging body, which causes him to question the future of his career.

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