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Ashland Street Cinema Saturday, April 08, 2017 - 12:40 pm  add this block to your calendar  buy tickets
Slick's Adventure
5 minutes
Director(s): Tashi Gooden, and filmer/videographer Makaya Pavilionis
Ashland, OR
Friends help each other.

Elementary School LAUNCH winner (Grades K-5)

Life Cycle of a Raindrop
2 minutes
Director(s): Ilaena Hepford
Ashland, OR
It's so cool you could precipitate!

LAUNCH Middle School winner (Grades 6-8) 

Kid Flix
60 minutes

Delightful animated and live action shorts sure to please kids three and up. Curated from the New York International Children’s Film Festival.

Two young girls find primate pals in Me...Jane and Zoo Story. Fantastical journeys provide new perspectives in One, Two, Tree, An Object at Rest, and The Girl Who Spoke Cat. Tiny creatures are both welcome and unwelcome additions to someone’s home in Perfect Houseguest and The Visitors. Young Fidel reminisces about his family new and old on his Mother’s wedding day in Memories of the Sea. Wild characters plus delicious food equal a perfect recipe in both Octopus and Tiny Tunes: Food. A simple lesson proves to be essential in Looks while an important one is ignored in That is Not a Good Idea.

One, Two, Tree | Director: Yulia Aronova | France | 7 min 

Octopus | Director: Julia Ocker | Germany | 4 min 

Me...Jane | Director: Paul & Sandra Fierlinger | USA | 9 min 

Tiny Tunes–Food | Director: Andy Martin | United Kingdom | 1 min 

Looks | Director: Susann Hoffmann | Germany | 3 min 

Memories of the Sea | Director: Thais Drassinower | Brazil, USA | 9 min 

Zoo Story | Director: Veronika Zacharova | Czech Republic | 4 min 

That Is Not a Good Idea | Director: Pete List | USA | 8 min 

Perfect Houseguest | Directors: Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter | USA | 2 min 

An Object at Rest | Director: Seth Boyden | USA |6 min The Visitors | Director: Philip Watts | Australia | 1 min 

The Girl Who Spoke Cat | Director: Dotty Kultys | Poland, United Kingdom | 6 min 


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