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Wild Honey
Wild Honey
Narrative Feature
88 minutes
Director(s): Francis Stokes
Oregon Premiere 

Gabby is nearly 50, broke, lonely, and not living up to her potential. She works as a phone sex operator and is forced to move in with her hyper-critical mother after her useless boyfriend cheats on her. One day she gets a call from a Los Angeles screenwriter named Martin who wants to... talk. After several calls, Gabby impulsively flies from Chicago to LA on the pretense of visiting her estranged sister. When she and Martin meet, she’s instantly charmed by him and his wonderful Hollywood lifestyle. But all is not what it seems and ultimately Gabby needs to face some truths about herself and the people around her. Rusty Schwimmer and Timothy Omundson give heartfelt performances as two people who just might help each other grow up and fall in love for real. 
Director’s Statement 

Wild Honey is a movie about finding a connection. I had this idea about a lovelorn phone sex operator, because I feel a lot of those callers are actually looking for a connection which is something we’re all looking for in different ways. Romantic comedies are normally the territory of perfect young couples. But the rest of us have romantic lives too. I’ve worked with Rusty Schwimmer a few times, and I’m a big fan of hers. Rusty really embodies Gabby and brings out the aspiration and sort of kid-like optimism she has in spite of the fact that her life is a mess. I want to see more romantic comedies with heroines like Gabby. 
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