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Varsity 4 Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 12:10 PM  add this block to your calendar
For Izzy
For Izzy
Narrative Feature
84 minutes
Director(s): Alex Chu
World Premiere

Sometimes what others think of as our weaknesses are actually our strengths. In For Izzy, characters are self-destructive, stubborn, and sheltered— hidden from their true, creative, and loving selves. When lesbian photojournalist Dede and her mother move next door to Laura and her father, the lines of friendship and family dissolve as each must overcome past regrets, over-protectiveness, and the stigma of labels such as “autistic” and “addict.” The clever mixed media approach using in-character interviews, animated sequences, and found footage tells a sweet, empowering story through a refreshingly unique Asian-American lens. For Izzy is about sobriety, forgiveness, and courage. Subtitles 
Director’s Statement

Asian-Americans. Addicts on the recovery path. LGBTQ members and allies. Families caring for those with autism. To fall in love again at an age when popular culture has inferred it’s too late.With For Izzy, I set out to tell a story about my own community, featuring fully realized, multi-dimensional characters who are not just mouthpieces for an agenda or a soapbox for social issues. To bring the audience into the world of these characters in a fresh way that isn’t normally seen in traditional narratives, I used documentary-style elements to craft the story. 
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