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Ashland Street Cinema Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 3:40 PM  add this block to your calendar  buy tickets
CineSpace 17
CineSpace 17
Narrative Short
74 minutes
Director(s): Various
Ashland Street Cinema
CineSpace 17 is the third annual short film competition co-produced by NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society. Containing footage from NASA’s vast moving image archive, this year’s eclectic and international films span all genres and exemplify the power of space exploration to inspire the imagination. 

Transmitter Receiver | Director: Vincent Wilson | Canada | 9 min 

I’m Here Now Somehow | David Regos | Germany | 10 min 

Miss Baker’s Ride | Patrick Morgan | France, United Kingdom | 6min 

Nadir | Pedro de Filipis | Hungary | 9 min 

Azipaco | Alex Moreno | Mexico | 8 min 

To the Sky | Daniela Clementi | Chile | 10 min 

Eight-Ball | Jonathan Grace | Australia | 3 min 

Lunar | Christian Stangl | Austria | 7 min 

The Space Between Us | Jesse Vogelaar | Australia | 8 min 

The Great Portals of Cyberspace: Doomsday | Jacob Carlsson | France, Sweden | 4 min
Introduced by Ralph Grau, Deputy Manager for the International Space Station Program’s External Integration Office.
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