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Varsity 1 Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 9:00 PM  add this block to your calendar
Minding the Gap
Minding the Gap
Documentary Feature
98 minutes
Director(s): Bing Liu
Oregon Premiere

Minding the Gap is a profound, original, intuitive nonfiction film that breaks down the walls of documentary to tell a story about three kids, now men, who bond together over skateboards and volatile, distant families. DIY skateboarding videos shot by filmmaker Bing Liu as a teenager merge with new footage of his longtime friends. His friends are so completely used to the camera that they hold nothing back (except what they are holding back from themselves). Not so the parents Bing interviews, including his own mother, who have to face up to hard truths about how they raised their kids. But the film belongs to Bing, Zack, and Keire as they play and skate and poignantly grow up right before our eyes. 
Director’s Statement

I was eight years old when my single mother took a job in Rockford, Illinois, a crumbling factory city two hours west of Chicago. She remarried and had a child with a physically and mentally abusive man, remaining with him for 17 years. Because of his explosive, often unpredictable violence, I perceived the world as lacking causality; you could do the right thing or the wrong thing, but either way things might not go well for you. After I started skateboarding at age 13, I slowly discovered, after many bruises, broken bones and hard-earned tricks, that I’d regained a sense of control over my pain. Most importantly, I found myself in a group of outcasts much happier in the streets than at home. We spent countless hours together, making our own version of family. 
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