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Varsity 2 Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 09:50 AM  add this block to your calendar
The Last Hot Lick
The Last Hot Lick
Narrative Feature
88 minutes
Director(s): MAHALIA COHEN
Jaime Leopold, erstwhile bassist of the band Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, gives a captivating performance as Jack Willits, an aging, washed-up musician on a never-ending tour of tiny clubs across the Pacific Northwest. Playing solo guitar or with pick-up bands, he sings his beautiful, honest songs to audiences who barely listen. On stage, he stays in shabby motel rooms, his only family connected via FaceTime with his daughter and grandchild. When he picks up a hitch-hiking singer named Bobby with a cast on her arm and too many secrets, he thinks he’s found his muse. Beautiful, naturalistic direction, cinematography, and editing enhance every moment of this film about adults who may be past their prime, but still have real lives and dreams to fulfill. 
Director’s Statement

The Last Hot Lick was shot entirely in Oregon and Southern Washington. Though I have lived out of state for many years, Oregon is still the landscape of my childhood—and imagination. This film was an effort of pure love, family, and community. My mother produced the film, even though she is a physician by profession, the crew members consisted of family and friends, including my uncle, aunts, cousins, as well as three friends who traveled from Argentina to Oregon to be involved. Jaime Leopold and many of the cast members are people whom I have known my entire life. This made the process an interesting and emotional experience, which I think bleeds onto the screen and creates a unique and surprising experience for the audience. 
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