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Varsity 3 Monday, April 16, 2018 - 12:40 PM  add this block to your calendar
People People
People People
Narrative Feature
75 minutes
Director(s): Lizzie Logan
World Premiere 

Kat is a smart, funny, sweet YouTube star with thousands of followers and a penthouse apartment with high ceilings and a great view of Chicago. She can cook and accessorize and introduce trends with the best. She just can’t leave her apartment—and hasn’t in over two years. Streaming sitcoms help her sleep and old movies keep her company while fans send her gifts and online shopping fills her closets. When she falls for the diner delivery guy and orders bad food just so she can see him, her carefully sheltered existence is put to the test in this hilariously poignant, and only slightly absurd, millennial romcom. 
Director’s Statement

I wrote this screenplay in reaction to our increasingly delivery-based society where there’s more money to be made from broadcasting your personality online than having one in person. Friendship, romance, fandom, politics, and culture are all being filtered through screens, and while I don’t think that’s a Black Mirror-level bad thing, I’m not convinced that online interaction can hold an LED candle to the real thing of being with other people. I had never made a feature before, but I was just confident and dumb enough to convince myself I could do it. With a small group of devoted friends, we shot on a shoestring budget in my mother’s apartment in Chicago, which doubled as our sleeping/living quarters. I made almost all of the food. 
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