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Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light)
72 minutes
Director(s): Jennifer Redfearn
Sun 09:30 AM Armory
In the heart of Havana, Cuba, three unforgettable and courageous blind women — Lis, Milly, and Margarita — find independence even as they face heartbreak, family problems, and the knowledge that their dependence on others is a double-edged sword. From the music halls of the city to a cinema club for the blind, their moving stories reveal both the pain and the joy of fighting to make it on one’s own in the world. An inspiring reflection on love, memory, loss, and the fiery Cuban spirit. [subtitles]
Director’s Statement: Jennifer Redfearn
My partner, Tim Metzger, and I were drawn to Cuba because of its rich culture, complex political history, and fierce independence as a small island nation. As the country stands on the brink of inevitable change, we traveled to Havana looking for an unexpected story that offered a new way of understanding Cuba. As we got to know these unforgettable women, we realized there was a meaningful film to be told in their rich, layered, and compelling personal stories. Yet as intensely personal as their stories are, and as rooted in time and place, the struggles these women and their families face are universal. While making this film, I lost two important people and watched my family wrestle with similar issues of illness, caretaking, and how to respect a loved one’s dignity while they are losing part of their independence. Making this film during a time when I was processing my own grief, I felt I was crossing a cultural bridge to exchange personal stories of love and loss. I am very grateful that the families trusted us and had the courage to share such personal moments with us on camera. My hope is that this film gives audiences a picture of life in Cuba that is irreducible, as well as warm, illuminating and deeply human.

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