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75 minutes
Director(s): Christopher LaMarca
Sat 09:30 AM Armory
Boone explores the unique journey of three young goat farmers, and the gritty reality of living off the land in the Little Applegate Valley near Jacksonville, Oregon. Filmed over two years, Boone is a quietly observational homage to a lost way of life, and a sensory and unsentimental peek behind the veil of the Utopian dream of farming. No narration or interviews with farmers or agricultural experts are needed in this experiential, visceral meditation on living in deep relationship with the land. 

Director’s Statement: Christopher LaMarca 

The world of farming was unknown to me until a chance meeting led me to a small goat farm in Southern Oregon. It was here that I lived, worked, and filmed for two years. Through this process, I realized the most authentic portrait of this existence should not be focused on small farm advocacy, but instead on an experiential journey constructed around the threshold between intimacy and chaos. The result is a film that rides the line of being both quiet and savage in the same breath; a haunting portrayal of the heart, soul and grit of a farmer’s journey. 

Sponsored by Ashland Food Co-op
Playing with ...
Short Documentary
9 minutes
Director(s): Elizabeth Lo
Sat 09:30 AM Armory
A family of Ponderai Native American hunters travel to Yellowstone to exercise their treaty rights, and participate in a wild bison hunt. Bisonhead offers a glimpse into the perpetual marginalization of indigenous cultures in the contemporary American West. How do they stay true to their tribal heritage, and hold onto their ancient relationship to wildlife in a shrinking landscape?  

Director’s Statement: Elizabeth Lo 

Bisonhead is a 9-minute documentary about a family of Ponderai Native Americans who embark on a controversial journey through Yellowstone to take part in the federal culling of 900 wild bison. Bisonhead seeks to articulate a compassionate and critical portrayal of the indigenous struggle to remain empowered in contemporary America.
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