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Hunky Dory
85 minutes
Director(s): Michael Curtis Johnson
Thu 6:00 PM Varsity 1
Fri 9:00 PM Varsity 1
Sun 12:00 PM Varsity 1
Dressed in platform heels and turquoise stretch pants, Sidney spends his days traversing L.A. neighborhoods visiting quirky denizens who’ve seen better days. When his ex-girlfriend disappears, he must take care of their 11-year-old son, George, alone. Love between father and son is not an issue, but Sidney’s cool dad facade crumbles, as he must come to terms with his reckless lifestyle as a glam-rock dilettante by day and dive-bar drag queen at night. An unconventional tale of fatherhood, the fear of mediocrity, and the reality of dreams deferred. Featuring stunning performances by Tomas Pais as Sidney and Edouard Holdener as George. 

Director’s Statement: Michael Curtis Johnson 

I moved to the east side of Los Angeles ten years ago. I didn’t own a car for most of the last decade and, yes, I actually walked in L.A. Walking gave me a great chance to see the hidden neighborhoods away from the main streets, and get to know interesting people outside the film industry. Like Charles Bukowski, I am inspired by this bittersweet and seedy side of town. My co-writer/lead actor Tomas Pais and I channeled our LA experiences into a project that took elements from both our lives to create a tale about a father who can’t let go of his rock-and-roll dreams and struggles to raise a child while coming of age himself. 
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