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In Pursuit of Silence
82 minutes
Director(s): Patrick Shen
Thu 3:40 PM Varsity 3
Fri 10:10 AM Varsity 3
Mon 6:40 PM Varsity 3
As we race towards modernity amidst all the technological innovation and rapid growth of the world today, silence itself may be passing into legend. Beginning with an ode to John Cage’s seminal silent composition 4:33, the sights and sounds of the modern world delicately intertwine with silence to create a contemplative and cinematic experience that seeks to abandon frantic minds for the quiet space of hearts. As much a work of devotion as it is a documentary, In Pursuit of Silence explores our relationship with silence and sound, and the impact of noise on our lives — and souls. 

Director’s Statement: Patrick Shen 

In Pursuit of Silence is a meditative film about a subject that many have tried to encapsulate in some form or another for ages. Rather than encapsulate, we’ve tried in a sense to free it, paying homage to the ineffable qualities of silence. The film was shot and edited in a way that mimics our experience of the world and the rhythm of the film was carefully crafted with the human metabolism in mind. Ultimately, I hope that the film challenges audiences to slow down and make the world new again for them. 
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