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80 minutes
Director(s): Dawn Porter
Fri 1:00 PM Armory
Since 2010, conservative state legislatures, particularly in the south, have passed hundreds of TRAP laws — Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers — restricting abortion clinics in ways that go beyond what is necessary to ensure patient safety. Faced with increased costs of compliance and the alarming fear of violence from protestors, the stakes for the women and men on the front lines couldn’t be any higher. Trapped follows the tireless efforts of the healthcare workers and dedicated lawyers who are fighting to keep clinics open for millions of American women, many of them poor and uninsured. 

Director’s Statement: Dawn Porter 

In Texas, less than half of the clinics open two years ago are still functioning today. In Alabama, a small handful of clinics struggle to keep their doors open. In Mississippi, the lone clinic is only able to operate as long as a court order remains in effect. Over the course of making this film I witnessed what I truly believe is not only a threat to abortion access, but also a threat to our democratic ideals. States passing laws that flagrantly disregard the constitutional protections set forth in Roe v. Wade are not just a challenge to abortion access, they are a challenge to the rules of our democracy.
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