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Traveling Light: Animation & Matchbox Show with Laura Heit
Special Event
90 minutes
Fri 6:45 PM Special Event

Presented by AIFF & ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum
Friday, April 8, 6:45pm | 90 min
ScienceWorks, 1500 E Main St. | $15, Students $10 (no passes/vouchers)

Laura Heit is an experimental animator and artist whose films and performances cross genres to unfold poetic visual narratives. Traveling Light is a collection of animated films curated by Laura that will be followed by one of her acclaimed puppet-show-in-miniature Matchbox Shows.


In the past few years I've come back to drawing. It was a surprise to me. I hadn't made a drawn animation since college. It was just myself and the paper—the immediacy and intimacy of the mark-making lured me like a siren. The drawings are made intuitively after a period of looking. At its heart the work is always to make visible the things we cannot see. The additional films I've curated are by filmmakers, cartoonists, and animators who are also creating work on paper, or on film, or in clay—using their hands as the translators and meaning makers of a deep and innate sense of the world. —Laura Heit

Hypothetical Stars
Heit’s interactive Hypothetical Stars: An Animated Diorama, will also be on view April 7-10 at ScienceWorks during regular hours. A hand-drawn animated installation and film, utilizing microscopic and macroscopic imagery, Hypothetical Stars invites viewers to imagine a star system too deep inside or too far away to see.

Traveling Light Animated Films:

Two Ways Down | Director: Laura Heit | USA | 4 min
Fall into the underworld, a dark hand drawn landscape of micro-bodies in a constant state of flux. They walk, slither, wriggle, fly, burn, and return to dirt.

Rover's Eye | Director: Laura Heit | USA | 3 min
Images of a planet we never thought we'd see. The Mars Rover Opportunity landed in 2004 and was expected to roam Mars for a year. It's still up there looking for ancient lakes and rivers and signs of life.

Apollo Six | Director: Laura Heit | USA | 8 min
A glimpse of earth at a turbulent time from the window of an unmanned spacecraft.

Essay #4 | Director: Julie Doucet | USA | 1 min
“Our friend Julie Doucet had a very important appointment so she cannot be with us today."

Like a Lantern | Director: Lilli Carré | 5 min
A man fantasizes about an exotic and fantastical alternative to his own anchored life. In an absurd attempt to change his situation, he lies on the floor to make his view of the horizon shift from horizontal to vertical.

Jiro Visits the Dentist | Director: Gina Kamentsky | 2 min
Jiro has a dream about the artist formerly known as Prince and visits the dentist with his friend the lighthouse=phone man. There is sushi along the way.

Essay #1 | Director: Julie Doucet | 2 min

House Fire | Director: Micah Weber | 5 min
What does one bring to a house fire? What does one wear? This work is about grief, mourning, and the inadequacy of language.

Waiting Room | Director: Jake Fried | 2 min
Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out

Crux Film | Director: Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré | 5 min
Precarious and fluid arrangements constantly interrupt one another in a montage of waiting, anticipating, and transitioning forms.

Mound | Director: Allison Schulnik | 5 min

Down Into Nothing | Director: Jake Fried | 1 min
Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out, and coffee

Velocity | Director: Karolina Glusiec | 6 min
I always thought I had a perfect memory. I wanted to show these drawings to you.

The Deep Dark | Director: Laura Heit | 7 min
An elliptical journey into the psyche with animation, projected shadows, and ethereal vocal incantations.


And don't miss Laura's Gallery Exhibit at the Schneider Museum of Art!


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