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Animators of Laika with Mark Shapiro
62 minutes
Director(s): Various
Fri 3:40 pm Varsity 3
Sat 6:40 pm Varsity 3


In this block of animated shorts from the immensely talented employees of LAIKA, you will get a feel for the storytelling, wit, and profound creativity brewing behind the scenes at the Portland-based stop-motion animation studio. LAIKA’s Mark Shapiro, a longtime supporter and presenter at AIFF, will be on hand to introduce the program and tell a story or two about the people at the studio where he has served as head of marketing for nearly ten years. 

Taking the Plunge (Student Oscar® winner) | Director: Marie Raoult | 7 min 

Alive | Director: Katy Strutz | 3 min

Heavy as a Hill | Director: Emily Neilson | 5 min

The Mouse that Soared | Director: Kyle Bell | 6 min 

Aria For a Cow | Director: Connie Thompson | 7 min 

IQ | Director: Ian Whitlock | 2 min

To Have and to Hold | Director: Jessica Polaniecki | 4 min 

The Horror in the Clay | Director: Hals Reynolds | 4 min 

Funkeyframe | Director: Danie West | 4 min

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