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The Hero
93 minutes
Director(s): Brett Haley
Sat 6:30 pm Armory

Oregon Premiere

Sam Elliott gives a tragicomic tour-de-force performance as Lee Hayden, a Western star, whose best work is long behind him. While filling his days smoking too much weed with his former co-star turned dealer (Nick Offerman), Hayden’s life takes a sharp turn when he is diagnosed with cancer. He unexpectedly finds himself in a new romance with a younger woman (Laura Prepon) and attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter (Krysten Ritter), all while seeking one last great role. Also starring Kathrine Ross.

Director’s Statement: Brett Haley 

Sam Elliott and I became friends—family, even—while on tour together for my first film I’ll See You in My Dreams. Sam has always been an icon in some way, shape, or form—that voice, that mustache. Everywhere I went with him people would ask him for his autograph. At an AARP convention, it was like doing a Q&A for a room full of teenage girls with Justin Bieber. But he hasn’t had the same opportunities to be a “leading man” as other actors from his generation. He told me “for a while there I could only get work if I was on a horse or a motorcycle.” Sam was so much more to me than a man on a horse. I was inspired to create a film that centered around the Sam that I knew and loved. My goal was simple: 90 minutes of Sam Elliott.
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