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Stranded: I've come from a plane that crashed on the mountains
126 minutes
Director(s): Gonzalo Arijon
Thu 3:00 pm Varsity 1
Sun 12:00 pm Varsity 1
Mon 9:00 pm Varsity 1

For the first time ever, survivors of the famous 1974 Andes plane crash tell the harrowing story of survival in their own words. The film features intimate interviews with all surviving members of the Uruguayan rugby team left to fend for themselves in the desolate and merciless mountains of South America. 16 of the initial 45 managed to stay alive on a frozen glacier for an incredible ten weeks.

The story prompted a bestselling nonfiction book by Piers Paul Read, and the 1993 feature dramatization, Alive. The documentary includes dream-like "recreations" of the flight, crash and the struggles of the stranded youths. The filmmaker also follows the survivors and their loved ones on a journey back to the crash site more than 30 years later. Stranded is neither sensational nor evasive about what the survivors were compelled to do as their meager food supplies ran out. The result is a deeply personal and spiritual story of the survivors- what they experienced and how it impacts their lives today. [adult content, subtitles]


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