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Juried: Best Feature- August Evening
127 minutes
Director(s): Chris Eska
Mon 9:50 am Varsity 2
he 2008 Juried Best Feature was awarded to August Evening.

This is a story about the conflict between generations- the bonds of a family are weathered by the changes they undergo. Aging parents and grown children have difficulty expressing both their love and mutual disappointment in each other. A father recognizes the unstoppable force of time and must say goodbye to his daughter so she can start her own life. An aging undocumented worker and his young widowed daughter-in-law's lives are thrown into upheaval. She is more of a daughter to him than his own children, and the two try to stick together... but change is inevitable.

The film takes its time unfolding and is naturalistic in tone- with humming cicadas, ethereal music, chicken farms, meaningful glances and rustling leaves. It includes subtle romance, gentle humor and heartbreaking tragedy. Heartwarming scenes highlight the bittersweet nature of life, finding resolution in the warmth of the characters, the beauty in sadness, and the universality of the human experience. Winner of the John Cassavettes Independent Spirit Award. [subtitles]

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