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At the Edge of the World
92 minutes
Director(s): Dan Stone
U.S.A., Antarctica
Thu 9:00 pm Varsity 1 RUSH
Fri 9:00 pm Varsity 1 RUSH
Sat 12:00 pm Varsity 1 RUSH
This real-life "David vs. Goliath" adventure follows the controversial Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in its Antarctic Campaign against illegal whaling. Set against the beauty of the remote Ross Sea, an international crew comes together on two ships in an effort to find and stop a Japanese whaling fleet. These are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances- "real people taking real risks for real issues".

The filmmakers have incredible access; from a Zodiac lost at sea to a small ship trying to thwart a huge whaling vessel. The unfolding saga turns into a search and rescue story with twists no scriptwriter could invent: intriguing personalities risking everything in a compelling action/adventure story. The tensions build as this uniquely beautiful and dangerous corner of the world becomes a battleground for the most fundamental questions of ends and means, injustice and indifference, laws and politics and life and death.
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