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Happy Birthday Harris Malden
80 minutes
Director(s): Juan Cardrelli, Ben Davidow, Nick Gregorio, Eric Levy, Matthew Sanchez
Thu 3:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Fri 12:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Sat 9:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Sun 6:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Mon 6:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Harris Malden fakes his facial hair by sketching it on with a big, black magic marker. He wears his insecurity on his face in a curious disguise for everyone to see. No one in his Philadelphia neighborhood, not even his best friend Paul or his brother Melvin, has the heart to tell him how ridiculous he looks with the thick black lie above his lip.

On Harris' 25th birthday, the decorations are in order, and the guests will be arriving soon. Harris acts surprised, even though everyone, including himself, knows about the party. It is a tradition and holiday for Franklin Street. Except this year, Susan, Paul's girlfriend, is attending… and their lives will never be the same again. This quirky comedy is about a community- a neighborhood, a family- both human and absurd, and their unconditional acceptance and love.
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