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Idiots and Angels
78 minutes
Director(s): Bill Plympton
Thu 9:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH
Sat 9:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH
Sun 6:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH
AIFF Artistic Achievement Award recipient Bill Plympton directs this animated dark comedy about a man's battle for his soul. Angel, a selfish and morally bankrupt man, wakes up one morning with wings on his back. He tries to hide them, but everyone at Bart's Bar, where he hangs out, discovers them and ridicules his bizarre appendages.

As Angel tries to adapt to the wings, he thinks they give him greater opportunities to abuse others. But the wings have a will of their own, and they foil all of his greedy plans. He desperately tries to rid himself of the good wings, but eventually finds himself fighting those who view them as their ticket to fame and fortune. Using no dialogue- only sound effects and music, including Nicole Renaud, Tom Waits, and Pink Martini- Idiots and Angels is a surreal story of romance and redemption in the battle for good and evil. [adult content, violence]
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