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Man Maid
86 minutes
Director(s): Chris Lusvardi
Thu 12:30 pm Varsity 5
Fri 3:30 pm Varsity 5
Sat 6:30 pm Varsity 5
Sun 9:30 pm Varsity 3
Mon 12:30 pm Varsity 5
It's not easy being a hotel cleaning man in a cowboy town. Just ask male maid Vincent who has an odd passion for cleaning rooms and a knack for making a mess of relationships. This sweet, funny film tracks the misadventures of a second-generation cleaning man at a historic hotel in rural Oregon.

It's surprisingly dangerous work, as our hero can testify. Not only is he ridiculed in public but he occasionally gets roughed up by local toughs who aren't partial to a man doing "ladies work". When a hostile developer threatens to knock down his beloved hotel in favor of a "mixed use space", Vincent is forced to take action. If he can rally his friends and save the hotel, he might even salvage his crippled courtship with the hotel's charming manager, Torry. Man Maid was filmed in Redmond, Oregon, and features the music of John Doe. [adult content, language]

2009 AIFF Juried Best Acting Ensemble
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