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83 minutes
Director(s): Geoff Stewart
Thu 9:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Fri 3:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Sat 9:40 am Varsity 4 RUSH
Sun 3:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Mon 6:10 pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Jake and Dominic were best friends in high school, but a heartbreaking accident has left them estranged. Set in the remote wilderness of the Illinois River Valley in Oregon six years after a fire devastated the area, a series of events brings the two former friends together. Their past is so tainted that years later when Dominic sees Jake in front of his broken down truck on a remote logging road, he must fight the urge not to stop. The wounds of their dark past are reopened, and the former friends are pained in each other's presence. When they both end up stranded in the forest, it takes a stranger, who puts them up for the night, to help them confront their past and move on with the fragile lives they have constructed. [adult content, language]
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