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Climate Refugees
89 minutes
Director(s): Michael Nash
Thu 9:40 pm Varsity 3 RUSH
Fri 6:40 pm Varsity 3 RUSH
Sat 3:40 pm Varsity 3 RUSH
The human face of climate change. Experts have projected that within the next five years over 50 million people are going to have to leave their homes because changes in the world's climate will destroy their livelihoods. The U.N. states that more refugees are now displaced by environmental disasters than by war, yet not one single international law gives asylum, or even a helping hand to environmental refugees. A "climate refugee" is a person displaced by environmental disasters, and this is causing mass migration and border conflicts around the world. For the first time, the Pentagon now considers climate change a national security risk and the term "climate wars" is being talked about in war-room like environments in Washington D.C. Filmmaker Michael Nash travels the globe from the rapidly submerging islands of Tuvalu in the South Pacific, to expanding deserts in China, drought-ridden Sudan, and the storm ravaged coastlines of Bangladesh and New Orleans, exploring this issue. [subtitles]
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