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Burma VJ
84 minutes
Director(s): Anders Østergaard
Thu 12:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH
Fri 9:50 am Varsity 2 RUSH
Sun 9:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH
Though risking torture and life in jail, courageous young citizens of Burma live the essence of journalism. Armed with small handycams, the VJs stop at nothing to make their reports from the streets of Rangoon. Their material is smuggled out of the country and broadcast back via satellite and offered as free usage for international media. The whole world has witnessed single event clips made by the VJs, but for the very first time their individual images have been compiled and collectively tell a larger story. Amidst brutal police agents and military, they work around the clock to chronicle events inside the closed country. Their compulsive instinct to shoot what they witness, rather than any deliberate heroism, turns their lives into that of freedom fighters. This unique insight into high-risk journalism and dissidence in a police state also documents the dramatic days of September 2007, when Buddhist monks started marching in the streets of Burma. Oscar-nominated for Best Documentary: Feature Length.
[subtitles, violence] 
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