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TBA: 1, Marwencol & On the Road to Tel-Aviv
98 minutes
Director(s): Jeff Malmberg & Khen Shalem
Mon 9:50 am Varsity 2 RUSH

Marwencol and On the Road to Tel-Aviv have been assigned to the TBA:1 slot on Monday, April 12th!

Brief Synopses of selected films (click on the links above for more info on each film):

- After an attack leaves him brain-damaged, Mark creates a 1/6th scale WWII-era town in his backyard. When his therapeutic art is discovered by a NYC gallery he is forced to choose between the safety of his fantasy life and the real world that he's avoided. [violence]

On the Road to Tel-Aviv- A young Israeli finds himself in a delicate situation when an Arab woman enters the same bus as his fiancée. As he tries to get her out without creating a scene, panic ensues and he must right the situation, as the realities of war, terror, and enemies are exposed. [subtitles, violence]

TBA Explanation

This year we have reserved five time slots on Monday, April 12th for films that may require additional screenings due to ticket demand than exceeds our initial availability.

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