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Benavides Born
96 minutes
Director(s): Amy Wendel
Thu 12:40 pm Varsity 3
Fri 6:40 PM Varsity 3
Mon 10:10 am Varsity 3

Welcome to Benavides, Texas, where petite girls can dead-lift 280 pounds, military recruiters roam high school halls, and a patriotic Mexican-American community that has been there since before it was Texas struggles with an economy collapsing around it. Luz Garcia is a fiercely intelligent and determined high-school athlete who wants out. She desperately wants to attend the University of Texas at Austin where she has been admitted, and not the local community college. With limited financial options to make her dream a reality, competitive power lifting is her ticket to a full scholarship. Filmed in Texas, with many local actors and authentic locations, a rich, complex and original portrait of Luz and her struggle emerges. With a family distracted by pressing troubles of their own, Luz misguidedly makes choices that are destined to derail her dream. It’s all or nothing for her...until nothing stares her in the face. [adult content, language, subtitles]

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