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Exit Through the Gift Shop
87 minutes
Director(s): Banksy
Fri 12:00 pm Armory

This Oscar-nominated film exposes the inside story of street art - a revealing account of what happens when creativity, fame and vandalism collide. When an eccentric shopkeeper turned amateur filmmaker, Thierry Guetta, attempts to capture graffiti artist Banksy on camera, the camcorder is turned back on its owner with wildly unexpected results. Described by the UK press as a "British National Treasure" Banky's stencils can be seen on walls from post-hurricane New Orleans to the Palestinian wall in the West Bank. Fiercely guarding his anonymity to avoid prosecution he has so far resisted all attempts to be photographed in action. With rare footage of Banksy, Shepard Fairey (creator of the iconic Obama "Hope" poster), Space Invader, and many of the world’s most infamous graffiti artists at work, on walls and in interviews, the film is a study of criminality and comradeship. As Banksy describes it, "It's basically the story of how one man set out to film the un-filmable. And failed!"

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