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82 minutes
Director(s): Stephen Marshall
Fri 9:50 am Varsity 2
Sun 12:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH
Mon 9:50 am Varsity 2

For a small minority of Christian and Islamic fundamentalists, 9/11 marked the beginning of a final clash between the forces of good and evil that was prophesied in the Bible and the Koran and which will finally usher in the apocalyptic end of our world. The filmmaker gains unprecedented access to two believers—Aaron Taylor, a danger-seeking missionary, and Khalid Kelly, a radical Irish convert to Islam—who have dedicated their lives to ensuring their God will rule the world in the final days of human history. Recognizing that religious beliefs, on their own, did not create the "war on terror," political, economic and psychological forces that are driving a widening global conflict are examined. In the end, it takes an act of intervention by the filmmaker to create the smallest semblance of a dialogue between the two sides, ultimately proving that even the most radical of believers can be transformed by our changing world. [subtitles]

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