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How to Die in Oregon
107 minutes
Director(s): Peter Richardson
Thu 3:00 pm Varsity 1
Fri 6:00 pm Varsity 1
Sat 9:00 pm Varsity 1
Mon 12:00 pm Varsity 1

Juried Best Documentary: Feature Length

In 1994 Oregon became the first state to legalize physicianassisted suicide. Those most intimately involved with the practice today—terminally ill Oregonians, their families, doctors, and friends, as well as those fighting for passage of an assisted suicide law in Washington State—share their stories as both sides of this complex, emotionally charged issue are examined. Cody Curtis, 54, hikes with friends and family and discusses giving away some of her possessions. Diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, she has obtained her lethal prescription and now must decide whether and when to end her life by taking the medication. As we meet a number of Oregonians who are considering using the Death with Dignity law, we learn about the unique circumstances and situations that have led them to seek this option. What emerges is a life-affirming, staggeringly powerful portrait of what it means to die with dignity. Winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize. [adult content]

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