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The Last Lions
88 minutes
Director(s): Beverly Joubert, Dereck Joubert
Thu 12:00 pm Varsity 1
Sat 3:00 pm Varsity 1 RUSH
Sun 9:30 am Varsity 1

From the lush wetlands of Botswana's Okavango Delta comes the suspense-filled tale of a determined lioness, Ma di Tau (Mother of Lions), ready to try anything - and willing to risk everything - to keep her family alive. The epic journey is captured as she battles to protect her cubs against a daunting onslaught of enemies - a rival pride, crocodiles, water buffalo and wildfire. Even as the Ma di Tau faces escalating dangers and devastating loss, she becomes part of a turning point in the power dynamics on remote Duba Island as she brings together the rival pride in a titanic primal bid to preserve the thing that matters most: the future of her bloodline. The gripping real-life saga unfolds inside the stark reality that lions are vanishing from the wild. The dramatic storytelling and breathtaking, up-close footage is woven around a resonating question: are Ma di Tau and her young to be among the last wild lions? Narrated by Jeremy Irons. [Ages 10+]

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